Theory and phenomenology of sparticles

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Here we will look for some better ways for the unification of the gauge coupling constants. Higher order corrections to key processes at the LHC Higgs, Higgs boson pair production is sensitive to the self-coupling and will play a major role in investigating the scalar potential structure. The analysis is conducted in close collaboration with phenomenologists to ensure the approach is theoretically sound and future-proof.

The difference between predictions obtained with a massive scheme, where a heavy quark is treated as a finale massive state and the massless scheme, where the heavy quark is viewed as an initial parton may be extremely sizable. The aim of the project is to gain a better understanding of the size of the collinear logarithms arising when a heavy quark is treated as a final massive state and to investigate its kinematical origin. Study of the supersymmetric phenomenology at LHC connected to the leptonic experimental searches to go beyond the simplified model spectra approach.

Study of the tensions observed between the K and the B meson systems and their implications for scalar-mediated flavor changing currents in the framework of two Higgs doublet models 2HDM.

Manuel Drees, Rohini Godbole and Probir Roy, "Theory and Phenomenology of Sparticles"

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Theory and phenomenology of sparticles

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Phenomenology in-hindi for civilservices and NTA NET.

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  • Theory and Phenomenology of Sparticles.
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Introduction to supersymmetric field theories

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