The Three Ecologies

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The three ecologies

Jack Hudspith, Socio-agrarianism. Courtesy Jack Hudspith. They are not distinct territories but formed relationally and transversally. He states that.

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Process, which I oppose here to system or to structure, strives to capture existence in the very act of its constitution, definition and deterritorialisation. For Guattari, consensus is not the appropriate response; instead, a dissensus and singularisation will need to be cultivated.

This act of subjectification and singularisation somehow exemplifies eco-logic — it is a break.

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Resingularisation means that individuals, organisations and professions become more united and increasingly different — difference multiplies — and creatively autonomous. In his formulation of the principles of the three ecologies, Guattari, he identifies the principle common to each being that it is. Social ecology — concerns the development of affective and pragmatic cathexis in human groups of differing sizes; corresponds to a specifically qualitative reorganisations of primary subjectivity as it relates to mental ecology; favour processual semiotics diagrammatic rather than iconic i.

Environmental ecology — anything is possible; national equilibriums will be increasingly reliant on human intervention e. And yet, ultimately, we will only escape from the major crises of our era through the articulation of.

The Three Ecologies

Throughout the text, he makes references to art and urban planning, indicating that relational — albeit tangled — pathways across the three ecologies are possible; for Guattari this is tranversality, which presents as a potential for interdisciplinarity, and a critical trajectory for new forms of practice.

Felix Guattari is one of them.

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