Managing Brand You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self

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Social networks like Twitter are easy to delete while others like Pinterest are impossible. Read 10 free tools to manage your personal brand and online reputation. Also, launch a blog see step 7. Have you protected yourself from cyber squatters when it comes to your social media profiles? To ensure you secure your desired username or vanity first, visit namechk. I found that my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to show up near the top of my search results since I share a lot of articles through these networks.

Do you own the URL of your name or blog name?

Managing Brand You

If not, you should secure it at a website registrar like godaddy. You may want to read 3 reasons why buying a domain name for your child is a good idea. By owning your own domain name, you can be sure that if you use that URL, you will rank high in search results. Read why you need a domain strategy.

It is important to constantly monitor what is being said about you online. When you create the alerts, make sure you put your name with and without quotation markets. You should also include the different variations of your name. I found that my blog is ranked within the top 5 search results in Google.

How to Build Your Personal Brand in 2019

You may want to create and publish content on your blog using a platform like wordpress. Read best free blogging websites. When you do start up a blog, remember the Internet is a copy machine. Think before you publish. If you get angry or emotional reacting to something you see online or someone else is provoking you, you may want to email yourself first or ask yourself: would my parents, friends or colleagues like to read this post?

A blog is a great way to demonstrate your personal brand. It helps you position yourself in a way that you want to be seen. A blog helps you grow your network beyond your work colleagues, may position yourself as a thought leader at your company, demonstrates your expertise on a topic or topics and shows that you know how to write and communicate skills your current and potential future employer value. What do you want others to think of you as online? What types of articles do you share with others? Are they personal growth articles, leadership articles, career articles? What do you want to be known for?

Your personal brand reflects who you are. It is important to really know your strengths and weaknesses and do what you love.

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By learning who are you and what you are good at, you can better take control of your personal brand. Just like a company brand creates its elevator pitch of who the company is, why it is unique and different, and why you should care, the same goes with your personal brand.

Do you have your elevator pitch created and validated? What are your core or key messages? A good example of where you should really have your elevator pitch down is your LinkedIn summary section or your bio page on your blog.

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That paragraph or two should sum up your personal brand in a short, concise and compelling way. Wilson , Ira Blumenthal. And how can you use this knowledge to become a more fulfilled person?

Becoming an Expert

The answers to these questions lie in the discipline of building strong brands. What if you could take a page right out of the corporate book of business development and use it to craft and implement dramatic, important changes in yourself that are focused on development of your own life? Successful brands convey a consistent message and create an emotional bond with consumers. Don''t we all want to convey a consistent message and create a similar emotional bond with those important people around us? The process of building such brands is widely used in the commercial world, and now you, too, can use these techniques to build a brand-new you--a Brand YOU!

Who am I? What do I stand for?

What do I want to stand for? These are questions that have been asked by people for ages. In our fast-paced, highly competitive, stressful, often chaotic world, it is even more difficult to know what you stand for-- what uniqueness you have to offer. Don''t stress about this any longer. There is an answer to these deep questions, and the answer comes in the form of the threshold question, What if you thought of yourself as a brand? What if you not only think of yourself as a brand but also actively analyze your personal brand assets and deficits, and you dedicate yourself to changing or refining Brand YOU?

Yes, as strange as it seems, you can dramatically change and grow your life by studying the time-tested precepts, postulates, discipline, and processes of corporate and product branding, and applying them to your personal life. This step can lead to your living the life you''ve always imagined for yourself. In the wonderful Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street, Kris Kringle tells a disbelieving child that dreaming of magical holiday moments and a better tomorrow is important.

He says, "To me, the imagination is a place all by itself. Now you''ve heard of the French nation, the British nation.

It''s a wonderful place. So, what if you thought of yourself as a brand? Just imagine, for a moment, that you are, in fact, a brand. Step outside yourself and look at you, your background, your lifestyle, your philosophy of life, and your views on right and wrong, as well as the expressions you use, the stores you frequent, the foods you eat, the clothes you wear. Think of your educational background, your experiences, your special areas of expertise. Consider the features that others respect about you, the features of people you respect and why.

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These are your personal brand attributes. And now you''ve made the first move toward establishing your Brand YOU. It''s in your hands. If you commit to the Brand YOU process, you can and will succeed. It will take work.

Managing Brand You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self

It will take focus. It will take time. And in the end, it will all be worth it. In the words of the poet Spirella, "There''s no thrill in easy sailing. You may be someone who doesn''t believe in "tooting your own horn"--or drawing attention to the things you''ve done, or do, or plan on doing. You may also believe that if you just do the best you can, good things will automatically come to you. Well, this may be the case for a few lucky individuals, but the majority of people are confused about how they can, in fact, stand out in a crowd, how they can succeed, how they can clearly stand for something, and how they can gain the respect of others.

After all, there are times in all of our lives when we''d like to be noticed, to be appreciated for our personal strengths, competencies, good nature, and insight.

Managing Brand You : 7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self - ScholarVox Management

Everybody wants to be special and receive respect, acknowledgment, and even admiration from others. The reality is that each of us, regardless of our position in life, wants to be special, hopes to be noticed, craves attention from others, desires respect, and regularly wants to feel important. Who doesn''t want to feel and be important? And who doesn''t want to make a mark on the world we live in, to truly make a difference to the people around us?