Executive Development Journeys: The Essence of Customized Programs

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Level 3: Executive Level Leadership — Leaders who lead and influence others and who are responsible for guiding the enterprise. What is performance assessment, developmental counseling, and how do I have tough conversations with my team members when necessary? What methods of empowerment work best to grow the best and brightest and how can I use those methods to identify those who can perform better than me?

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What are the key elements of high performing teams, and how do I develop these qualities in my leaders? Who is my primary group at this stage of my leadership journey? Why is the focus on the enterprise so important? Each program consists of a series of 7 half-day workshops for each level and is 4 hours in duration, consisting of both presentation and small group interaction using case studies, workbooks, and guided discussion as the learning vehicles, with key questions for the groups to address.

The results and benefits of the Level Five comprehensive leadership development program quickly become evident:. Profitability, safety, compliance, quality, retention, and customer service are just a few of the vital areas where your company will see measurable outcomes right away.

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Further, you can expect our continued, ongoing interaction with each group between workshops. Additionally, each leader will build their own Personal Leadership Guide , which becomes their leadership diary throughout the rest of their careers. Each workshop series is followed by a focused sustainment program, built around the specific skills your leadership teams identify for further development. To learn more, click here to send us a message via email or call us directly at for more information.

The Level Five event was a great learning experience with real world applications. I believe in learning from those individuals who have lived through and can expertly share their life lessons. Experience is a prerequisite to progress! He led me to join the volunteer corps at Ft Carson, Co. His guidance and leadership led me to become a Good Neighbor at the Fort. Please fill out the following form and we will be in contact with you with more information.

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Evaluate their personal communication style and approach. Learn how to apply a communication framework to their interactions with others. Evaluate their natural listening style and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Learn how to ask productive questions. Understand how their personal styles influence communication and interaction with others. Reinforce their strengths and identify opportunities for development and growth. Understand how to handle pressure more effectively.

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  8. Create action plans and strategies for sustainability. Discover their current strengths and areas for improvement. Learn how to effectively communicate a delegated assignment to team members. Explore the relationship between delegation and accountability. Communicate effectively with team members one-on-one and in meetings. Motivate team members to share ideas and reach their potential. Promote accountability and a focus on bottom-line results. Ensure alignment with the organization and other teams. Building Trust Understand the importance of trust in productive relationships and achieving results.

    Reflect on people they trust and why.

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    Learn about the behaviors that break down trust. Explore the four components that build trust. Determine ways to improve their trustworthiness.